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Clear Intentions

I had a reputation for calmness in emergencies which I attributed to this safe, effective and skillful stress management tool that kept me from resorting unskillfully to psychoactive chemicals.

Playing, and Winning, in Las Vegas

Playing, and Winning, in Las Vegas

The basketball courts lie, like high-value chips a giant might play, across the vast floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Financially Stressed? Breathe!

One thing that is within our control is how we deal with the situation we are in—regardless of how we got there.

Letters the NY Times Didn’t Print: About Liberty

Anderson misreads the character and is insensitive to the spirit of those times, which my friends and I, and millions of other young people, lived through and were touched by.

Chill: Try Guided Imagery

Relax and re-center with Dr. Gordon in this 11-minute guided imagery podcast.

Letters The New York Times Chose Not to Print: #2

Letters The New York Times Chose Not to Print: #2

Here as elsewhere it is the already vulnerable population–the poor and unemployed, children, pregnant women, and those previously displaced by Katrina—who will be most affected. These people, whom Mr. Nocera seems to dismiss as “runny-nose[d]” complainers, are the ones about whom we should care—who should be compensated.

Self Care Reminders from the Third Grade

We practice soft belly breathing, which slows down and relaxes the body and the mind. We draw. We infuse a piece of paper with shapes, images, and colors so that the paper can hold all of our worries.


Is it so unusual, so unthinkable, to use technology mindfully rather than perpetually?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

And my heart keeps opening, on the phone to friends and colleagues, on the screen of emails. “Happy Valentine’s Day,”…The anxiety of choice or appropriateness evaporates. You are all my valentines.

A New Way to Think of Lovingkindness

He suggests treating yourself as you would a dear friend or loved one. Speak gently, with respect, use thoughts that are nurturing, not destructive.