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Jennifer Phelps

73 Redding Rd#5 CT, 06829-0417
73 Redding Rd#5 Redding Connecticut 06896 US

Jen Phelps M.D. has spent her 25 year career combining western based medicine with integrative and functional medicine to treat patients in a truly comprehensive manner. This approach allows for healing of emotional and traumatic events that underlie and affect our biologic and physical wellbeing. 

Jen Phelps M.D. is Board Certified in both Family Practice and Integrative Medicine. Throughout her medical career she has always utilized evidence based interventions. With her undergraduate degree in biochemistry and having obtained a Master’s degree in pharmacology/toxicology prior to her medical degree, Dr. Phelps always understood that our biochemistry requires constant fine tuning that can be obtained through nutrition, mind body skills, exercise, botanicals, judicious use of supplements, and a minimization of pharmaceuticals to attain and maintain homeostasis.

She is a fervent reader and continuous researcher constantly adding to her knowledge base and has come to understand that complete health can only be reached by acknowledging our emotional and trauma history. This history resides in biochemical processes in the primitive core of the central nervous system and affects many aspects of health. Dr Phelps is trained in brainspotting, comprehensive resource model, hypnotherapy and biofeedback and combines these in treating the trauma affecting this core where patients can create a shift in neurochemistry which impacts our health through the psycho-neuro-immunologic pathways ultimately addressing physical wellbeing.  

She has been a long standing supporter of mind body aspects of cancer through Society of Integrative Oncology and Ann’s Place. She has also been involved with treating trauma through various local organizations including the Resiliency Center of Newtown and in offering mind body group work in her own office.

Job Title
Phelps MD integrative Medicine