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The Wisdom of the Body

Our bodies, which are inextricably connected to our minds, have an inherent wisdom which all of us can access.


Eating Wisely and Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic – and Afterward

This webinar will provide guidelines for eating well and wisely during the coronavirus pandemic, and afterwards.

Befriending Your Body: A Free CMBM Self-Care Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic makes us anxious about our bodies, hyper-vigilant for coughs, sniffles, and fatigue that may be harbingers of infection. Befriending the Body begins by acknowledging these concerns and proceeds to share a practical, flexible plan for using movement and exercise, as well as awareness, to decrease our anxiety, enhance our appreciation of our body’s inherent healing capacities, and move us more confidently and happily forward as we encounter each day’s activities and challenges. 

Mobilizing the Healing Power of the Mind

Learn about the biological, psychological, and spiritual healing power of guided imagery.

Webinar: Mind-Body Medicine for Addiction Recovery

In this Webinar, Dr. Calderón shares over 15 years of experience using mind-body medicine skills for the treatment of addictions, and pertinent evidence from neurosciences, stress response, and mind-body medicine-mindfulness that supports this integrative approach.

Exploring Pain: A Mind-Body Approach

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Faculty Member, Matt Erb, PT presented “Exploring Pain: A Mind-Body Approach” as part of CMBM’s Mind-Body Medicine Webinar Series on May 30, 2018.

Transforming Childhood Trauma Using Mind-Body Skills

This presentation will explore the benefits of the use of Mind-Body Medicine as a trauma-specific approach with young people in a variety of settings. Understanding that the “window” into each child is unique and that there is no “one size fits all model” approach in working with traumatized youth, the presentation will also explain the integration of Mind-Body Skills groups into a plan that includes other modalities and approaches.

Online Mind-Body Skills Groups Social Share

Reduce Stress and Build Resilience with Online Mind-Body Skills Groups

A free mind-body medicine webinar presented by CMBM senior faculty member, Matt Erb PT on the power of online mind-body skills groups.