Category: Webinar

Learning the Lessons Our Collective Trauma Has to Teach

Ask the questions that the pandemic and our divided and troubled world are making urgent and personal.

The Food Fix: Reimagining American Eating from Soup to Nuts and Beyond

A conversation featuring Dr. Mark Hyman and James S. Gordon, MD.

Finding Our Way Toward Health and Healing

A conversation featuring Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Dr. James Gordon.

The CMBM Approach to Stress Reduction and Trauma Relief

Learn more about what makes our approach using mind-body skills groups a unique and long-term investment in yourself and those whom you serve. Presented by Dr Sabrina N’Diaye.

Bringing a Meditative Mind to Our Current National Crisis

Featuring Rick Hanson, author of the new book Neurodharma, on “Bringing a Meditative Mind to Our Current National Crisis.

Psychedelics: A Transcendent Path to Trauma Healing

Featuring the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Rick Doblin.

Mindful Policing- A Free CMBM Online Event

Featuring retired New York City Police Department Lieutenant Thaddeus Gamory and Broward County Sheriff’s Department Captain C. Renee Peterson.

Honoring and Serving the Bravest: Sharing Hope and Healing with Firefighters and Their Families

Featuring Margaret Gavian, PhD, Medical Director for the Minnesota Fire Initiative

Women’s Wellbeing in the Time of COVID-19

Featuring women’s health leader, Dr Aviva Romm

Back to School: How to Meet the Challenge and Fulfill the Promise

Featuring Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, Robert Runcie