Faculty Category: Mind-Body-Medicine

José Calderón-Abbo, MD

José Calderón-Abbo, MD

Faculty, Louisiana State University and Tulane University Departments of Psychiatry; Associate Medical Director, Co-Occurring Disorders Program, DePaul Hospital; Director & Founder, the Mindful Living Program

CMBM mind-body medicine faculty member Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley, in memorium

Our beloved faculty member Bob Buckley passed away on July 27, 2014. All of us who knew and loved him miss him.

Afrim Blyta, MD, PhD

Neuropsychiatrist, Head of Department of Neurology, University Clinical Center of Kosova; Faculty member, University School of Prishtina; Co-founder of Institute for Mental Health and Recovery of Kosova

CBM mind-body medicine faculty member Barbara Black, NCBTMB

Barbara Black, NCBTMB

Wellness educator, cancer guide, SoulCollage® and Mind-Body Skills Group facilitator; senior staff, Smith Center’s Cancer Help Program Retreats, Washington, DC

Jamil Abdel Atti CMBM Gaza Country Director

Jamil Ahmed Abdel Atti, PhD

Founder of the Mind-Body Center in Palestine and the Middle East Region; CMBM country director in Gaza; PhD in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, College of Mind-Body Medicine

CMBM Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Maha Al-Shami

Maha Al-Shami

Maha Al-Shami, Higher Diploma in natural therapy from Baghdad University; works at Women Jabalia Health Center belonging to the Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip

Toni Bankston, LCSW, BACS

Toni Bankston, LCSW, BACS currently serves as the Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center and the Vice-President of the Louisiana Alliance for Child Advocacy Centers She also serves on the Louisiana Legislative Task Force for Sexual Assault Prevention.

Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Carol Jacobs, LCSW

Carol Jacobs, LCSW

Carol Jacobs, LCSW, Psychotherapist in private practice in Ashland, Virginia; Trustee of Marion Woodman Foundation that focuses on work of Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman

CMBM Faculty member Naftali Halberstadt, PhD

Naftali Halberstadt, PhD

Naftali Halberstadt, PhD is the Director of the Training Center for Mind-Body Skills, Israel. After completing his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Naftali pursued his interest in the development and research of information technologies to improve the lives of various at-risk populations (e.g., abused children and their families; clients in …

CMBM Faculty Naomi L. Baum, PhD

Naomi L. Baum, PhD

Naomi L. Baum, PhD, psychologist working as an international consultant; completed 12 year tenure at the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma; CMBM country director for Israel