Dena Rain Adler, BEd, MA, ATR

Dena Rain Adler, BEd, MA, ATR Registered Art Therapist, Spiral River Rochester, New York, USA

Dena Rain Adler, B. Ed., M.A., ATR believes that at the heart and root of self-care is the capacity to cultivate joy and potential. She is a Registered Art Therapist and Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. Dena began her career as a Special Education teacher. She has over thirty years of experience with a specialty with children, youth and families working in schools, residential centers and in homes.  Her experience includes supporting those with trauma, disabilities, and life challenges. In the past six years, she began specializing in permanency and connections for those in foster care and adoption. Since 2005, Dena has been a volunteer providing therapeutic and wellness activities for Project Life: War Orphans Rehabilitation Program. Dena has presented nationally and globally on mindfulness, expressive therapies and resiliency. In her private practice, Spiral River, Dena is integrating mindfulness skills with expressive therapy and life coaching.