Jamil Ahmed Abdel Atti, PhD

Jamil Ahmed Abdel Atti, PhD Country Director, Gaza Gaza

Jamil Ahmed Abdel Atti, is the founder of the Mind-Body Center 13 years ago, in Palestine and the middle east region. He served as country Director in Palestine, and he is an expert in mind-body medicine. The program he leads in Gaza is consider the largest program in the world for mind-body medicine.

Jamil got the first PhD in the mind-body medicine in region from Saybrook University, College of Mind-body Medicine. Also, he is a pioneer in developing the psychosocial program in region.

Jamil has devoted over 13 years to the exploration and practice of mind-body medicine, after he was trained by Dr.Gordon and the international faculty. He continues to do research on mind-body skills and is published in several different international journals.

Dr. Jamil has trained hundreds of professionals in Gaza, and has trained professionals in Haiti after the earthquake, and in Jordan with Syrian refugees. Jamil is working with traumatized people in Gaza and with local and international NGOs, people with cancer, youth, traumatized children, chronic illnesses, and mental health professionals. Moreover, he has modified the program to match the culture and religion for Muslims communities.