Judith Pedersen-Benn, MS, CADC, CHT

Judith Pedersen-Benn, MS, CADC, CHT Chattenooga, TN, USA

Judith Pedersen-Benn, MS, CADC, CHT, currently has a private practice centered on integrative and holistic counseling, organizational change, and trauma resolution services. She works with individuals, groups and organizations as they explore how to make positive changes, overcome self-defeating patterns, and integrate practices that encourage balance and wellness. Judith has pursued post-graduate training in clinical hypnosis, art and movement therapy, Jungian dream analysis, somatic experiencing (SA), and emotional freedom techniques (EFT). For the past twenty years she has worked as a counselor, teacher, and organizational consultant. She incorporates her understanding of the reciprocal and relational nature of life into her professional practice and her work for peace and justice. As a long-time faculty member for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM), Judith participates in the Professional Training programs; Healing the Wounds of War; Native American workshops; Global Trauma Relief in Haiti, New Orleans and Cedar Rapids. In addition, she provides Clinical Supervision for CMBM’s Certification program and she is an Adjunct Faculty member for Saybrook University.