Linda D. Metayer, MA, MPH

Linda D. Metayer, MA, MPH Country Director, Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Haiti Port au Prince, Haiti

Linda D. Metayer is a clinical psychologist and the local director of CMBM in Haiti. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Sciences Administration (MCS). She is a psychotherapist using Mind-Body approach, EMDR and TCC and is a psychology teacher at Haiti’s State University of Haiti and University of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince. She is preparing her thesis on ”Resilience and Leadership of Haitian Women.” Presently her work is oriented towards disadvantaged girls of the public schools, children, and gender-based violence. She has given many lectures on depression and anxiety, especially among traumatized children in Haiti. She has hosted a radio broadcast on psychoeducation in Port-au-prince at “Radio Soleil” for 10 years.