Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP

Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP Clinical Director, Mind-Body Medicine, Private Practice Minneapolis, MN, USA

Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP, is an Integrative Clinical Psychologist and Consultant in Private Practice in Minneapolis, MN. She is a Senior Faculty Member for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s professional training programs, both nationally and internationally. Lynda is also a Senior Clinical Supervisor for candidates enrolled in the Center’s Certification Program and she is the Coordinator for the Mind-Body Medicine Internship Program for Certification Graduates. Lynda also currently teaches as part of the Core Faculty for the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI) and as part-time faculty at Saybrook University, College of Mind-Body Medicine.

Lynda is a former Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical School and she was the Lead Psychologist and Program Manager for the Integrative Medicine Department at Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota from 2001-2010. Lynda incorporates mind-body medicine, including biofeedback, guided imagery, and meditation, into her holistic psychotherapy practice with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Lynda facilitates regular mind-body skills groups, workshops and provides clinical consultation.