Rita Anita Linger, PhD, CPC, CMBP

Rita Anita Linger, PhD, CPC, CMBP Founder and CEO, Center for Mind-Body and Business, LLC Raleigh, NC, USA

Dr. Rita Anita Linger is a Human Scientist, Integrative Health Practitioner and Coach, University Professor/Lecturer, Mindfulness Teacher/Researcher and the Founder of several organizations that address professional and personal development.

Dr. Linger has decades of experience in designing, implementing and overseeing leadership and organizational effectiveness initiatives and is the Founder and Director of The Center for Mind-Body and Business, LLC, a consulting firm which works to integrate mindful awareness training as well as mind-body skill development in every aspect of corporate and non-profit operations including but not limited to performance management, leadership development, team building, leadership and social change, appreciative inquiry, workplace conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, strategic planning and management, personality/typology, change management, data analysis, evaluation, strategy execution, health and wellness initiatives and effective communication. The integration of mindful awareness and training into organizational structures provide opportunities to create intentional leaders in the workplace with the priority of positively impacting systems, employee relations and the financial bottom line of the organization in ways that have the potential to exceed expectations.

Dr. Linger’s current research focuses on the transpersonal impact of mindfulness- based coaching and training interventions on leaders and high level executives as it relates to perception and emotional regulation shifts related to workplace stressors (internal and external), quality of work life, self-compassion, interpersonal relationships, leadership capability and general sense of wellbeing. In her work, she uses person-centered processes to identify, cultivate and synthesize capabilities within human systems for personal and professional success. She believes as her favorite humanist and psychologist, Abraham Maslow posits “People’s capabilities clamor to be used, and without those capabilities being realized, the person can atrophy, and disappear – diminishing him/her forever.”

To that end, Dr. Linger works to bring the best of people including her students, clients and consumers, to their own awareness, ultimately causing them to self- generate authentic, humanistic and synergistic relationships amongst and between people in their organizations, communities and homes; experiencing opportunities for living intentionally in a way that will create solutions for seemingly intractable issues, and help positively sustain those changes.

Dr. Linger is also the Director of SERA, Inc. a capacity building and public health organization which strives to enhance the quality of life for families, youth, women, men and seniors in all aspects of life from health and wellness to financial empowerment and sustainability. The organization primarily serves low wealth communities and is funded primarily through donor endowments. All facets of a community member’s life that will ultimately lead to optimal living and economic empowerment are assessed and action plans for movement toward goals are created.

Dr. Linger is a certified mediator and conflict resolution trainer/facilitator for over twenty years, having received certification from the NYS Mediation Association in Albany, NY. She is a guest lecturer at Cornell University, where she teaches “Mediation and the Law”. She is also a reconciliation and restorative justice mediator working with victims and their perpetrators assisting in the repairing of harm done to the victim.

She currently serves as Adjunct Professor at William Peace University, Raleigh, NC in the School of Leadership and Professional Studies where she teaches a wide range of business and leadership courses including, Leadership and Organizational Change, Performance Management, Business Ethics, Group Dynamics and Processes, Leadership and Social Change, Strategic Planning, Team building, Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Development, Business Management, Consumer Behavior and others. All of her classes are taught through a mindful awareness lens and provides students with practice, experiential and didactic opportunities for mindfulness training and mind-body skill building throughout each semester. Students can take her classes on campus and online. Dr. Linger is also part of the Leadership Faculty at Atlantic University. A.U. focuses on Professional and Personal development and transformation through holistic and contemplative education.

Dr. Linger is also a workshop facilitator for ICF (International Coaching Federation), and TODN (Triangle Organizational Development Network) where she focuses on incorporating mindfulness skills in the workplace toward individual and personal success. Additionally she provides executive, health/wellnesses and patient centered care coaching and training for physicians, nurses, administrators and others within the medical community. She is team member of the Columbia University Global Research and Education Team of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Program (HDHS). HSHA aims at disseminating the research findings related to dignity and humiliation to a wide variety of audiences, internationally and within the U.S. HDHS contributes to the capacity of people to build peaceful societies and be mindful of how humiliation may disrupt the social fabric, and how social cohesion may be sustained by preventing humiliation from occurring. She is also a Senior Grant Reviewer, reviewing and recommending funding for multi-million dollar grant applications for the US Department of Health Resources and Administration (HRSA).

As a corporate change strategy leader, public health interventionist, educator, researcher and director, she has received numerous awards and accolades from foundations and organizations across the country, including the Perlman Foundation for her work providing mindfulness training and mindful self-compassion training to low wealth youth and families. Her awards include the Business and Leadership Award from Cornell University, AARP Community Outreach Award and her picture has been placed on a quilt in the DeWitt Historical Society in NYS as a signature Conflict Resolution Leader, right next to Dorothy Cotton, one of Martin Luther King’s collaborators and assistants. She has appeared in numerous magazines and television shows and was quoted in “Oprah” Magazine.

Dr. Linger is also the Founder and Director of SERA, Inc.’s “The People’s Integrative Health Center” located in Raleigh, NC. The center focuses on caring for the whole human being—body, mind, spirit, and community. The center works with clients to identify, illuminate and address those areas of life that hinder them from living optimally. She works with clients using a compassionate economics and integrative

health model to achieve behavioral change goals through interventions that are uniquely designed to empower the client to take action in pursuit of an enhanced quality of life through mindful awareness, all with the support of their coach and their wellness team. The center’s clients are engaged in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Experiential Mindfulness Training and Activities, Mind Body Medicine Interventions and Community Gardening/Nutrition initiatives as well as Patient-Centered Medical Exams.

As an Integrative Health practitioner, Dr. Linger enters into a holistic partnership with her clients to bring awareness to all facets of life that are keeping the client from being his or her best. Those facets that are explored includes relationships and communication, professional and personal development, spirituality, movement, exercise, spirituality, nutrition, mind-body connection, physical environment and mindful awareness. She assists clients in moving past “sticking points” to a place where they are able to increase the quality of their lives and experience the life they have always envisioned. She implements holistic approaches to wellness for individuals, organizations and communities through the mediums of coaching, stress reduction initiatives and mindfulness-based strategies for the purpose of increasing the personal wellness of individuals and/or the health of the organization.

She enjoys providing these interventions to business executives, employees as well as U.S. veterans who have issues of trauma and individuals with substance abuse issues. She also provides mindfulness classes for community residents. She provides coaching services in person, telephonically and via Skype for clients world-wide.

Dr. Linger’s center is responsible for teaching mindfulness stress reduction skills, mind- body and nutritional skills designed to enhance the quality of their life and health status while addressing issues of depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem, stress, academic and professional performance as well as other cognitive and behavioral issues. Dr. Linger also works with caregivers, seniors, individuals and family units around public health concerns and to enhance the quality of life for these individuals. She finds it important to train community members to provide resources and support to those who live and work within their own communities.

Dr. Linger is a certified Mind Body Medicine practitioner, a certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Emindful Instructor, partnering Mindfulness trainer with the University of North Carolina’s Integrative Medicine Program, and Faculty/Supervisor with the Center for Mind Body Medicine, teaching mindfulness and mind-body skills with clients from all over the world. She is part of a team of 20 working with Eskenazi Healthcare Systems in Indianapolis, making this hospital the first “wellness” hospital in the nation. She is a doctorate level and certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach as well as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and Executive Coach. She is a PhD in Human Science graduating from the school of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Clinical Psychology, from Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA with Specializations in Integrative Health, Organizational Systems and Mind Body Medicine. She has additional expertise in Psychophysiology, and Contemporary Neuroscience. Dr. Linger is also in high demand by for-profit corporations across the country who request resiliency and leadership training.

Dr. Linger is a graduate of The Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington, DC., and a graduate of Duke University Integrative Medicine’s Health Coach Professional Training Program in Durham, NC. She is a licensed HeartMath biofeedback provider, receiving licensure at the Institute of HeartMath, Boulder Creek, CA. She is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainer and practitioner for over 18 years, receiving formal training from the Omega Institute and Jon Kabat Zinn.

She is also a licensed personality/temperament typology expert having been trained by True Colors International in Santa Ana, California. Dr. Linger is also a licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Evaluator, with licensure from the Hay Group.

Dr. Linger is married to a wonderful husband and has two adult children and three grandchildren. She enjoys Film Noir, trips to the beach, facilitating Mindfulness and Mind Body Medicine Skills Groups, partnering with clients to enhance their quality of life (on the job and off) and improving life and wellness outcomes via personalized coaching and biofeedback modalities. She also enjoys practicing what she preaches around enhancing states of wellness through mindfulness practice and integrative living.