Thomas Jackson, LCSW

Thomas Jackson, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice Middlebury, Vermont, USA

Thomas Jackson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Middlebury, Vermont.  A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and Hunter School of Social Work, he has worked with a wide variety of populations in New York City and Vermont. He completed his analytic training at the Brooklyn Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy with a particular focus on the work of Carl Jung.  For thirty years he has studied and practiced many of the techniques championed by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine; hence his delight at encountering this model and its integration of so many powerful practices.  He facilitated many groups at the Fordham Tremont Center for Mental Health in the Bronx in the late 90s including for men convicted of domestic violence.  Aware of the power of group work, he is extremely grateful to be facilitating groups again and is especially interested in this model’s applicability for students and migrant workers. In addition to the professional PTPs and ATPs, being involved in the Pine Ridge, Broward County and Western Maryland programs has been a great privilege.