Tim Wolfram, PsyD, LP

Tim Wolfram, PsyD, LP Clinical Psychologist & Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner St Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Tim Wolfram, PsyD, LP is a clinical psychologist working with Veterans in the VA Health Care System in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Since 2008 his work has included facilitating mind-body groups with Veterans receiving mental health and primary care treatment at the VA, addressing trauma, chronic pain, addiction and other mental and physical health challenges. He has an active private practice in St. Cloud where he works with individuals and couples. His work outside of the VA also includes facilitating mind-body workshops, trainings and skills groups. In 2011 he completed his certification in mind-body medicine from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. He integrates mind-body approaches, mindfulness and EMDR to address trauma, chronic pain and other mental and physical health issues, to promote optimal health and resiliency.