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Jordan Marks, principal facilitator at Mind-Body Healing Center, has a Masters degree in counseling (MA) and is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). He is a PhD candidate in Mind-Body Medicine, with an emphasis in integrative mental health, at Saybrook University. He has extensive training in somatic psychotherapy, attachment work (AEDP), Hakomi, mind-body medicine, couples counseling and child development.

Jordan specializes in facilitating emotional growth through collaboration and caring support.  Rather than a typical therapist who sits back and withholds opinions, he has a more dynamic style.  Jordan will offer direct personal feedback and interpretations that are aimed at supporting you to reach your goals and expectations.

In addition to his training as a psychotherapist, Jordan is a certified school counselor (PPSC) and has worked in varying school environments with students of all ages. He has experience with special education needs, parent-child interactions, career counseling, school placement and other school related issues. Jordan was also a chess coach for 6 years for the San Francisco Unified School District.

He is currently leading Mind-Body Medicine Groups in Santa Monica, CA.  Check out his website to find out what is being offered.