1420 London Road, Suite 105 Duluth, MN 55805
1420 London Road, Suite 105 Duluth MN 55805

Sara Downs is an audiologist who specializes in treating patients with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). After years of telling her patients that they should try and relax because stress can make tinnitus worse, she sought out Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) to fully understand the mind-body connection and to teach her clients how to use techniques to engage in relaxation and stress reduction. The Certification process for Mind-Body Medicine set Sara on a life-altering adventure. Sara has embarked on a personal journey toward wholeness using MBM techniques and shares her experience and the methods of MBM both in individualized treatment sessions and in group settings. Groups are not just for tinnitus sufferers. Sara says if you have a mind and a body, you have everything you need to do self-care! Everyone can benefit from understanding how their body and mind work together. She offers the full nine-week MBM course twice per year.

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Hearing Wellness Center