We want to ensure that anyone who wants and needs to be in one of our Online Mind-Body Skills Groups is able to participate. Those of you who can afford a contribution are essential to us continuing to bring our groups to all who need them. Our usual price is $375 for the eight sessions. If you are in the financial position to give this amount or more, we would be deeply grateful. If you need to contribute less you will not be turned away.


Mind-Body Skills Groups are educational, supportive groups built upon developing self-care skills, but are not formal mental health therapy. The techniques recommended are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical treatment, or to replace the medical decisions of your healthcare provider(s). All matters concerning your health are the responsibility of yourself and your health care provider(s).

Participation in the group is for personal wellness and is a separate program from our Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine. As such, participation does not receive continuing education credits and cannot be counted towards attending our Advanced Training in Mind-Body Medicine or Certification in Mind-Body Medicine.

Our technical age occasionally comes with glitches, and we will correct them as quickly as possible should they arise.

Cancelation and Refund Policy:

 We expect the demand will, unfortunately, outweigh our ability to provide groups for everyone that wants to participate. We kindly request that you email our staff at onlinembsg@cmbm.org with as much advanced notice of your group start date if you are no longer able to participate so that we can offer your spot to another person.

Participants who withdraw over 7 days prior to the group start date will receive a full refund minus a 10% administrative fee. Participants who withdraw 7 or fewer days before the group start date will be issued a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued after group begins. 

Group size will range from 8-10 participants. In the event that fewer than 8 participants are registered for the group 7 days prior to scheduled start date, the group will be canceled and you will be notified.

Terms of Participation:

We want to support people in their lives and experiences of stress. In an effort to facilitate a positive experience for its online group members, our Mind-Body Skills Groups are built upon a specific group format that includes Group Guidelines that make the experience a safe container for all. The format and guidelines include both time for and ground rules for sharing with others. We want participants to know and be prepared to both share as well as process emotions in oneself and others as they experience the skills, education, and sharing process. These topics will be covered further in the registration materials as well as the required pre-group interview.


CMBM reserves the right to remove from attendance and from enrollment at any current or upcoming online Mind-Body Skills Group or activity, anyone whose actions, in CMBM’s discretion and judgment, are disruptive, violate the group guidelines, or otherwise interfere with the program. In such circumstances, CMBM retains the discretion to grant or withhold refunds of registration fees, in full or in part.

Groups begin soon!