I. Gordon JS, Staples JK, Abdel Atti JA. Mind-body skills groups for posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms in Palestinian adults in Gaza. Submitted for publication.

  • Data was gathered from 499 adults in Gaza who participated in mind-body skills groups in 2007-2008. Prior to participation in the program 17% of the adults had symptoms which qualified them as having posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) according to the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire.
  • A study in Gaza shows that mind-body skills groups reduced symptoms of PTSD and depression in Palestinian adults. Participants also reported overall improvements in quality of life. Improvement was maintained at 10 month follow-up for PTSD, depression, and anxiety symptoms, and some of the quality of life subscales.

II. The Department of Defense (DOD) has awarded the Center a grant to study the effects of mind-body skills groups on veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq

  • The study will be performed at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System in collaboration with investigators there. We will be measuring the effect of mind-body skills groups on PTSD, anger, quality of sleep, depression, anxiety, health-related quality of life, and posttraumatic growth (positive psychological changes that can occur as a result of trauma exposure).

III. Research on our new program in Haiti is just beginning

  • We are currently conducting a study to determine whether participation in a mind-body skills training program for Haitian clinicians, educators, clerics and other community leaders will result in improvement in posttraumatic stress symptoms, mood, professional quality of life; spiritual well-being; and posttraumatic growth.