Katy Orobello, JD, MSc

Katy Orobello, JD, MSc Program Coordinator, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Washington, DC, USA

Katy Orobello is the Program Coordinator for Global Trauma Relief at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Katy has a background in Political Science and American Culture Studies. She also holds a Juris Doctor with a specialization in Business and Financial Law and a Master of Science in International Relations. Katy brings years of experience in business development, corporate strategy, and legal advising to her work at CMBM. She also brings her own lived experiences with trauma and healing. At CMBM Katy works closely with the Global Trauma Relief team to support programming in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and with indigenous communities in the United States. Reach out to Katy if you’re interested in learning more about CMBM’s global trauma relief programs.