Katya Kievitt, MSc

Katya Kievitt, MSc Project Manager of Supervision and Certification, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Washington, DC, USA

Katya joined The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in July of 2020 as Supervision and Online Groups Coordinator. She graduated in 2012 from George Washington University with a BA in Psychology. Growing up in Maine, she was introduced to mind-body medicine at a young age. Since then, she has had an interest in the connection between the mind and body in regards to health. This led her to seek an internship at the Center after college, which then inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare with emphasis on the mind-body connection. She completed her Master’s degree in Physiology from Georgetown University in 2019 and is now looking to apply her knowledge and skills to support others in their journey to optimal mind-body health. Katya enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and exploring new cultures and cuisines.