Krishna Taneja, MD

Krishna Taneja, MD Program Manager USA

Krishna is the Program Manager for CMBM’s Sonoma, Shasta, and Indiana programs.

She is a motivational speaker, an aspiring integrative psychiatrist and the founder of the MESS philosophy. She did her MD from the Bukovinian State Medical University in Ukraine and is currently pursuing her MBA with a concentration in healthcare from DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management.

She has spent several years working at the ground level to bring more trauma-informed approaches and mental health awareness to the villages and urban communities in India.

As a medical student in Ukraine she conducted leadership training for the Ukrainian government and also led the educational transformation as part of the Ukrainian government’s initiative to join the European Union. She also launched the Wellness Initiative for the thousands of International Students studying in Ukraine.

During her practice, she recognized that while doctors were providing excellent healthcare, they weren’t creating healthy individuals. She dedicated herself to learning techniques to deliver quality and affordable healthcare with a more holistic and trauma-informed approach.

She has worked closely with the pioneers of integrative medicine and has helped streamline the integrative psychiatry curriculum for residency and fellowship. She continues to spread awareness globally for mental health, mind-body medicine, and integrative medicine.

Come BE A MESSS (Mentally Emotionally Socially and Spiritually Stable) with her!