Our work around the world starts by training caregivers in our unique small-group model and mind-body techniques to reduce trauma and stress. These stories have gained the attention of several media outlets, which we have featured some of these stories below.

Inside Mind-Body Medicine

Dylan Tete shares his experiences with Mind-Body Medicine and the insights he received to use in his work. Watch the video.

Faculty Testimonial: Kathy Farah

Kathy Farah, MD is a family practice physician and a CMBM faculty member. She shares her experiences bringing mind-body skills to her practice and her other work with The Center’s many programs. Watch the video.

On Being: Transforming Medicine

Hark Hyman, James Gordon and Penny George discuss the evolution of medicine in an interview with On Being with Krista Tippett. Listen to the podcast.

CMBM’s Work on 60 Minutes

CBS 60 Minutes Emmy-nominated segment, “The Lesson of War” featured the work of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Gaza and Israel. Watch the segment here.

Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan

James Gordon recounts his experience in Jordan with Syrian refugees as part of the Center’s work there. Read the article in The Atlantic.

Helping Students with Stress

Koru, which is a Maori symbol for growth around a stable center, began at Duke University in 2007 and has since then transformed the lives of hundreds of Duke students. Read about the program here.

Community Wide Healing in Gaza

Listen to the people who live and work in Gaza discuss how The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s programs have renewed their hope. Watch the video and learn more about our work in Gaza.

Enduring Presence

Read Carol Jacobs’ account of her work in Kosovo with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine here.

Helping Healing Haiti

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine set up a center for treating trauma. Read more about our work in Haiti.

A Fighting Chance

Spirit Magazine from Southwest Airlines profiled the work by CMBM with veterans suffering from PTSD. Read the article.

VHA Uses Food As Medicine

This expansion is one of the first times the Veterans Health Administration is working with community resources. Read about the work here.

Kids with Cancer Cook

Danielle Cook Navidi, a graduate of Food As Medicine, writes about her work with kids. Read the story here.