Supervisor Category: Mind Body Medicine

Erin Provost, MS, LPC-S

Elizabeth “Erin” Provost, MS, LPC-S is an integrative psychotherapist practicing in Houston, TX. She has over 17 years’ experience working in the educational setting as a teacher, counselor and administrator. She currently has her own private practice with a specialization working with teens, adolescents and their families. She has always had a special interest in meditation and mind-body work and has built on this interest by obtaining certification through CMBM in Mind Body Medicine. Erin lives by the motto, “Leave the world a better place, than when you arrived”.

Linda Scherer, LICSW

I have worked with adolescents, adults, and families for 25 years in school, residential and outpatient settings. I teach and practice mind/body approaches to wellness and have been certified with the Center for Mind Body Medicine since 2015. I am a certified Spiritual Emergence(y) Coach through IMHU and am a Certified Brainspotting therapist. I point people toward their innate health and teach people to notice how habits of thought shape our experience of reality.

Vera Lucia Moura, MD, MS-MBM, CIWC

Vera Lucia Moura graduated at the School of Medicine and Public Hearth, Catholic University of Salvador, Brazil, and practiced clinical Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis for 20 years before moved to the United States in the 1990s. She worked at the UofM School of Medicine for ten years, during which time she had an appointment as a Research Fellow and Research Associate and also completed the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Professional Certification Program in Mind-Body-Medicine.

Heather Alfano

Heather Alfano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Heather currently lives in Western, North Carolina. Heather uses mind body skills in her work with kids, teens, and adults both individually and in groups. Heather also facilitates yoga therapy with people who are in recovery.

Regina Schulman, M.Ed., LMT, BCTMB

Regina serves as a holistic health educator, addiction counselor and board certified therapeutic massage and bodywork therapist in Essex County, Massachusetts where she specializes in chronic pain management, cancer care, relapse prevention and compassion satisfaction development. She is a dedicated wife, mother, stepmom, grandmother, teacher and life-long learner.

Stacy Crawford, M.S. Ed.

Stacy Crawford is an educator and coach who has over 30 years of experience sharing her love of meditation and other self-care skills with young people and adults. She has taught college coursework that encompasses mind-body medicine techniques and is a frequent speaker on these topics.

Elina Filippova, LCSW

Elina Filippova is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with seniors, adults, and teenagers and couples who feel stuck in their life — be it physically , emotionally, or professionally — and who are committed to the path of self-discovery. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine. Elina leads Mind Body Medicine groups with Veterans in Santa Rosa, Clear Lake and Ukiah Veterans Affairs clinics and in the community. She supervised several group facilitators in the past two years.

Jennifer Arndt-Johns, MFA

Jennifer Arndt-Johns is a mother, filmmaker, writer, educator and community activist. She is the Founder/Director of Rainbow World, a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, creating and distributing multimedia educational content about international adoption (Crossing Chasms, Approved for Adoption, Voices of Adoption: Video Oral Histories from Minnesota’s Korean Adoption Community).

Mary Jane White, MS, LMSW

Mary Jane White is a clinician in Houston, Texas, who has used mind-body skills in her professional and personal life since 1992.Mary Jane has been involved with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine for the past two years, including completing the Advanced Training as well as becoming Certified with CMBM. She is also part of the leadership team for the Greater Houston Healing Collaborative, a joint effort with the Institute for Spirituality and Healing, several other Houston organizations, and CMBM to provide care and support to those affected by Hurricane Harvey (actually the entire city).