Emma Shinall

Project Coordinator | she/her

Emma Shinall is a Project Coordinator. She supports CMBM in the planning and execution of training initiatives and programs. Shinall has several years of project coordination experience and is passionate about helping communities strengthen themselves and the environment that surrounds them.

Prior to joining CMBM, Emma pursued her interests in environmental sustainability and project management through an internship with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation located in D.C.

Emma earned her BS in Environmental Economics and Management, as well as a minor in Agribusiness, from Mississippi State University. She is a certified ISO 9001 Quality Lead Auditor and hopes to continue to pursue opportunities to further her education and skill set in the near future. In her free time, Emma enjoys anything that gets her body moving including hiking, walking her dog and playing pickleball. After a day full of movement, she enjoys trying new foods and cooking for her family and friends.