Joy Andrews, MAc

Business Development and Operations Director | she/her

Joy Andrews is the Business Development and Operations Director. She oversees operational and administrative systems and infrastructure so that they align with CMBM’s strategic plan and steer the organization toward growth and sustainability. With an eye on the vision, mission, and values of the organization, Joy focuses on ways that CMBM can streamline, systematize, refine, innovate and prepare so that our staff, faculty, participants, certified alumni, and partners have what they need to take this work into the world.

Joy has a strong background in business and communication, and has more recently infused those skills with a healing ethic. She grew up in the hospitality industry in Guatemala, studied international business, and worked in advertising for multi-million dollar clients. During the economic downturn of 2009, however, she pivoted her career to the healing arts. She went on to own and operate a successful wellness center, write award-winning business plans, edit wellness books, and consult for corporations. Joy loves weaving meaning and healing together in bodies, spaces, and organizations.

Joy holds a Masters in Acupuncture, and is apprenticed in feng shui and astrology. She currently has a private practice in Silver Spring, MD, and when she’s not working, she loves eating her husband’s cooking and getting lost in books and journals.