Frequently Asked Questions

I don't appear to fall into any of the tuition categories, how much should I pay?

If your profession is not listed clearly in one of the tuition categories on the registration page, you should register using the second category for Health Care Professionals.

Can I attend half / part of the program?

We encourage participants to attend the course in its entirety. Food As Medicine is not a conference, but a carefully planned training program. If you miss one lecture, you miss a large part of the key message. The tuition is for the whole training program, and we do not charge a per day rate.

What does my tuition cover? Does the tuition include accommodations?

Tuition covers all lectures. The tuition does not include accommodations or meals. Please contact 1440 Multiversity directly to learn more about accommodations and meals.

Do I have to be health professional to take the program?

The course is designed for healthcare professionals and requires a basic level of comfort with biochemistry. That said, our faculty do a great job at explaining concepts and answering follow-up questions. Students in medical and nutrition fields are encouraged to attend! Others are welcome to attend with the awareness that there may be concepts they may not grasp, and that there is no special pricing available for non-health professionals and no refunds will be issued because of this issue.

I need a visa invitation. How should I proceed?

Upon registration and payment in full, please email [email protected] to obtain your invitation letter.

We are interested in exhibiting. Whom should we contact?

For more information on exhibiting at Food As Medicine, please email [email protected].

Can I purchase conference recordings since I can't attend?

Currently, program materials are only available for sale to attendees, but we are reviewing future opportunities. Sign up for CMBM’s e-newsletters to hear about our future program offerings!

How is your program different than other nutrition conferences?

While there are many respected nutrition conferences available today, Food As Medicine stands out among the ranks due to its offering of an entire semester’s worth of nutrition curriculum in four days. It is a fully-integrated, introductory training program in medical nutrition therapy, not a conference where individual speakers present their material. We fully embrace a whole-foods based approach to nutrition, and we commit ourselves to “walk the talk” throughout the program as well as in our daily lives.

Many participants’ lives are forever changed after attending our program and learning about our comprehensive science-based approach to medical nutrition. To view testimonials from participants, click here.

How can I apply this information to my practice?

Food As Medicine is the nation’s leading nutrition training program for healthcare professionals that offers comprehensive curriculum and clinical practice pearls taught by an outstanding faculty. The program provides the latest in science-based nutrition education and is designed to give graduates the knowledge, confidence, compassion and skills required to integrate food as medicine into their clinical practice. To view more information and topics covered during this course, please click here.

I have taken the training before: Will this program be different?

Each Food As Medicine is similar to the previous course, but offers new lectures, a variety of new speakers and includes updated information in the medical nutrition field. Many alumni attend our trainings multiple times, and some have likened it to reading a great book a second, or even third, time. Depending on the participants’ current knowledge and perspective, there is always valuable information to gain and new questions that will arise.

Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA
May 19 - 24, 2019

  • As a physician, this conference was one of the best I've ever attended! The information provided can be immediately used in clinical practice and will have a profound impact on patients.

    Sasha S., DO, PhD, Onalaska, WI

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