This universally acclaimed professional training program provides health professionals with the foundation they need to effectively integrate nutrition into clinical practice—and their own lives. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine provides a curriculum for physicians, registered dietitians, and educators to bring back to their communities.

Participants will leave grounded in the fundamentals of sound nutrition, knowledgeable about cutting-edge research, and prepared to confidently and compassionately guide their patients toward practical life-giving healthy nutrition.


Delicious, whole-foods lunches are served during the professional nutrition training program along with lively food demos that further inspire a meaningful nutritional transformation. Partial scholarships & CEUs available.

Food As Medicine’s remarkable faculty includes the country’s leading lifestyle medicine clinicians & researchers as well as some of our most gifted holistic nutritionists, mind-body practitioners, patient advocates, & chefs.

I’m in love with food again! This course presented myriad approaches to help my patients’
– as well as my own – health. It was a great opportunity to network and eat healthful food.
This course is an experience not to be missed!Michelle Ansorge, MD, from Minneapolis, MN