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Mind-Body Medicine Scholarship Application

The Center offers limited scholarships for health professionals and educators working with underserved communities, for providers working with Military, Veterans, Veterans Affairs, National Guard, Reserves, and/or their families and for full-time medical school faculty with financial need. In memory of Joshua Ryan Slaughter, we are also offering scholarship for providers working with children in crisis.

Please read the following before completing your application:

  • The deadline to apply for a scholarship is September 18th, 2016. No applications after this date will be considered.
  • Please apply to your institution for funding before applying to us. We are a non-profit with limited funds.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide scholarships to students, as the student tuition is as low as possible.
  • We do not provide scholarships to those who have already registered.

Please provide the following information, noting N/A if necessary in required fields*.