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Professional Training Programs

Putting Self-Care at the Heart of Healthcare

When The Center for Mind-Body Medicine was founded by James S. Gordon, MD, he wanted to create a healing community and a community of healers – a place for people of good will to come together to become skilled in using self-care and group support and to share what they were learning with those who need it most. Twenty-five years later, this vision is becoming a reality.

We’ve trained more than 5000 people in our model — health professionals, educators, community leaders — and they, in turn, have shared it with hundreds of thousands of the most traumatized and troubled children and adults, here in the United States and overseas.

We have always done everything possible to bring those who are serving the underserved to our trainings. In fact, because if the generosity of the CMBM community, we have been able to provide scholarships to more than half of those who are using our model here in the US.

CMBM training at Baton Rouge trauma conference

The need continues

And, now, is particularly great in American communities that have been devastated by poverty and traumatized by violence.

Minnesota protest - Black Lives Matter
Behind the scenes of a Professional Training by CMBM

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How You Can Help

We need your help to bring many who want to come to our trainings: tribal elders who are working with homeless and trafficked women and girls and also on the front lines at Standing Rock; clinicians and community organizers hoping to bridge the gap between police and grassroots organizations; veterans committed to providing peer counseling to their traumatized brothers and sisters; and leaders of the US Islamic community dealing with discrimination and vulnerability to extremism.

With our help, these committed people can help those who are troubled and challenged to develop a meditative mind. They can bring those they serve together in peaceful and compassionate understanding. Please help us expand and support our community of healers.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s program … is the most comprehensive … and the one with the strongest evidence that it works to cure PTSD.

Tina Rosenberg, The New York Times, 9/26/2012

The Impact of Your Support

A small gift can make an enormous positive impact:

$ 100 enable a local leader to provide relief and resiliency building to a traumatized child or adult
$ 250/500 provide ongoing supervision to a community leader who is serving traumatized children and adults
$ 1000 bring a community leader to basic training in providing self-care and group support in trauma relief
$ 5000support the complete training and supervision of a leader dedicated to servicing of her/his community’s traumatized children and families