Competency Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Online Training

July 19-23, 2021

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Note that this training will be held online.

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20210719 VISN 8 Cert ATP Registration

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It's fine if you haven't identified a co-facilitator yet, you can pair up with someone in your small group for the training.
I understand that the 5-day training will be held over videoconferencing software. I am willing to do video participation and have a device capable of this, including a PRIVATE space with good internet connection and A COMPUTER WITH CAMERA. Note - you will receive technological details on how to access and prepare for the training. *
I understand it is my responsibility to keep all information shared in the small group confidential and to demonstrate respect for the other group members at all times. In the online setting, this also means 1) Do not participate in the group in a public space or where others can see or hear the group activity; 2) Do not share the group video conferencing login information with others; 3) Photos, screengrabs, or recordings of the group are prohibited. The only exception to this confidentiality rule is if any individual expresses intent to harm themselves or others. Your faculty member would be required to take additional action in support of the situation. *
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