The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

For 20 years, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine has taught the science and techniques of mind-body medicine to health professionals in our professional trainings and Global Trauma Relief programs around the world.

Our professional trainings include:

Mind-Body Medicine:  The first step.  Our extraordinary faculty teaches the science in plenary sessions and the techniques in supportive small groups, where participants work on themselves.  These simple, transformative skills are the perfect antidote to stress and burnout, and the perfect tools for the health professional’s tool kit.

Advanced Mind-Body Medicine: Learning to teach these skills with confidence and compassion is the next step.

Certification in Mind-Body Medicine:  For those who wish to take this work to the highest level, and be considered to join our faculty, a certification process is available by application.

Our introductory and advanced mind-body professional trainings are also included as part of the graduate degree programs of Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine.

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