Focus Areas

Trauma comes to us all. From war to domestic violence, from public health crises to climate-related disasters, from chronic illness to the vulnerability of aging, from generational trauma to systemic racism—trauma is unavoidable. We support communities in healing past trauma and building resilience against future trauma.

War and Conflict

Healing the trauma of war, violence, and extremism

Prisons and Correctional Systems

Bringing healing to prisons and correctional systems

Schools, Universities, and Education Systems

Improving social & emotional wellbeing in schools, community colleges & universities

Pandemic-Related Trauma and Burnout

Healing trauma, relieving stress, and addressing burnout related to COVID-19

Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Systems

Reducing stress and burnout among healthcare workers

Natural and Climate Disasters

Building and enhancing resilience against climate-related disasters

Mental Health and Substance Use

Addressing mental health crises, suicide prevention, and the opioid crisis

Community Response to Mass Violence

Healing collective trauma in the wake of mass violence