Helping communities around the world develop tools to heal population-wide trauma

Serving communities in Gaza to help build resilience 

Bringing hope and healing to communities in Israel

Supporting members of the Iranian and Farsi-speaking diaspora

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Sign up for a mind-body medicine training

You’ll experience mind-body skills, explore the science behind them, and learn to integrate mind-body medicine in your life and work.

Become certified in mind-body medicine

Learn how to earn your certification in mind-body medicine through our mentorship and training program.

Partner to address trauma in my community

You can make population-wide trauma relief accessible and sustainable in your community. We can help you get there.

Create a culture of wellness

Integrate self-care and mutual support into the institutions where you work to promote a culture of well-being with our help.

Connect with an expert

Connect with one of our expert faculty or staff members for your next story, podcast, or speaking engagement.

Explore self-care resources

Find free video instruction in individual mind-body practices, self-care webinars, and an invitation to join Mind-Body Skills Groups.

Scholarships provide training in trauma healing and resilience building to communities and individuals around the globe.

Since 2021, we have awarded 846 scholarships to train professionals in trauma-informed care. They allow us to aid communities in crisis and provide essential training. With your support, we can continue to equip professionals with evidence-based tools and extend our reach to populations in need of relief from chronic stress and trauma.

The professional training for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine created a rejuvenated sense of hope and purpose within me. I can’t wait to continue down this path to spread healing and hope to all of my patients.


I learned so many great techniques that are going to help me in not just my workspace but in my home life as well. I really got to express how I felt…and it felt great to let it out in such a safe place.


…Now I am a whole new person. I felt what it’s like to live, I faced my problems and found solutions. The training program is thoroughly designed. I discovered new ways of breathing and eating and much more…In every group I felt trust and tranquility…This is the kind of program people need.

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