Month: April 2010

Seasonal Delights: Roasted Asparagus

Seasonal Delights: Roasted Asparagus

Nothing could be easier, more elegant, or more delicious than roasted asparagus in the springtime. So when I hosted a pot-luck dinner party celebrating a dear friend’s birthday recently, I chose that for my contribution.

Meetings with Remarkable Haitians: Drs. Guiteau & Amedee-Gedeon

Red Cross president Dr. Michael Amedee-Gedeon and Executive Officer Dr. Jean-Pierre Guiteau share their concerns about the stress their staff and volunteers are experiencing

Meetings with Remarkable Haitians: Dr. Emmanuel Justima

NGO leaders and UN coordinators come together to discuss the emotional, psychological, and social needs of the close to 2 million people who have lost family members and/or been displaced by the earthquake.

Meetings with Remarkable Haitians: Pierre Andre DuMas

Pierre Dumas, bishop of the Diocese Anse-a-veau/Miragoane and president of the Catholic Church’s service arm, invites CMBM to present its method of healing trauma to Haiti’s religious leaders.

Healing Kids in Haiti, Pt. 2

During a workshop centered on drawing, students sketch the houses they lost during the earthquake.

Healing Kids in Haiti, Pt. 1

Exploring partnerships in Port-au-Prince, and conducting workshops for kids and caregivers.