Month: May 2011

Who Will Lead Haiti’s Mental Health Recovery?

Dedicated and talented leadership teams hope to work closely with Haitians to bring relief to their communities.

Visiting Leogane Haiti – Mind-Body Skills at Cardinal Leger Hospital

CMBM conducts a workshop at the Cardinal Leger Hospital in Haiti. Those with acute care needs, and the nurses who care for them, laugh for the first time since the 2010 earthquake.

Visiting Leogane: Earthquake Epicenter to become Center of Healing

Visiting Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake.

Haiti’s New President Michel Martelly, and New Hope

Political officials and leading figures gather to celebrate President Michel Martelly’s inauguration. His election brings new hope to Haiti after years of destruction.

Haitian Flag

Meeting Martelly: A New President for Haiti is Inaugurated

Haitian president-elect Michel Martelly visits Hotel Karibe to meet with CMBM’s US team and Haitian program director Linda Metayer.

Mind-Body Medicine is “How to Heal Psychological Trauma”

Mind-Body Medicine is “How to Heal Psychological Trauma”

…the author recognizes CMBM’s groundbreaking efforts to teach and support hundreds of thousands of people in Kosovo, Israel, Gaza, Haiti, Southern Louisiana, as well as US military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a shame, however, that his tone is so dismissive of integrative medicine and that he fails to recognize the fundamental importance of self-care for psychological and physical healing.

Food As Medicine: A feast of science & wisdom

Always lively, always cutting-edge, our core faculty and guest speakers share the very latest in nutritional science with our attendees.

A Story More than a Recipe: Cooking with Arran

A Story More than a Recipe: Cooking with Arran

My son Arran came up with an incredible recipe (or the start of a really, really good one) last night. He said he felt like cooking something sort of Asian, but didn’t really have in mind what he wanted to do, exactly. So I asked, what about a stir fry?

Quick & Dee-licious: Roasted Asparagus with Arugula & Hazelnuts

If you are ready for some fresh spring asparagus that is crisp, lemony and divine, this recipe is just the thing.