Month: September 2012

NY Times features our model for healing PTSD

The New York Times published a strong article that features our work as the focal point in discussing effective new approaches to treating trauma and preventing suicide in the VA.

An Open Door in Gaza

“Mind-body medicine is a friend.” Says Iman, a physical therapist. “And being here is like living with my second family. Our message is love.”

Coming Together at CancerGuides Israel

Coming Together at CancerGuides Israel

I was particularly touched as I watched the Israelis and Palestinians, in my group, overcome initial suspicion and the pain that inequities in health care cause…and come to know and appreciate each other as professionals and as people.

Feast with Your Eyes

This is a fall farm market feast, of small purple potatoes, crimini mushrooms, golden zucchini (!), squash blossoms, sweet red pepper and red onion with corn tortillas and arugula.