Month: July 2013

Velvety Mediterranean Gazpacho

Rebecca Katz, Food As Medicine Executive Chef, shares her healthy, vegetable centric gazpacho recipe.

Community Wide Healing: New Gaza Video

Tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are using the CMBM model to repair the damaging effects of trauma and stress.

Yoga for All: a Little Can Be Lots

Yoga is NOT just for people with beautiful bodies or those that have flexible bodies. Yoga offers tools that can be adapted to your unique needs.

Cook Like an Artist

I cook with my eyes. Color matters, texture matters, flavor matters. I find my art supplies at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.

Persuasively Yours: Top 5 Studies on Mind-Body Medicine

The top 5 studies showing the efficacy and validity of mind-body medicine– the ones you can use to convince your boss– or yourself– to finally put it on your calendar.

Audio Clip: Empty Your Cup

This is the first in a series of treasures from our audio archives, classics and favorites that we think you’ll love.

Fresh Cherry Salsa

This inflammation fighting salsa is lively and fresh whether it’s loaded into a fish taco, spooned over cooked sweet potato, mingled with cabbage and turned into a slaw, or eaten by the spoonful while wondering what to do next.