Month: November 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! Sending our best wishes and gratitude that you are part of our community, and of our efforts to make the world a healthier & more peaceful place!

Shaking and Dancing with My Gynecologist

The music starts and off we go, shaking, shaking, and then it happens: I feel a huge release in my first and second chakras with pent up tension and fears from childhood trauma releasing.

Your gut feels your stress

Got Stress? Your Gut Feels It!

Digestive health continues to be a hot nutrition and health topic. You won’t want to miss this synopsis of a recent gut-centric study — and once you digest and absorb its rich content, share with your colleagues and health care providers!

Creating the Container: The Power of a Safe Place

Our guidelines of Confidentiality; Mutual Respect; “I Pass” Rule; Punctuality; Commitment; and Home Practice go beyond laying the foundation for the creation of a safe space.

Magic Mineral Broth

Rosetta stone of soup, a broth that can be transformed to meet a myriad nutritional needs, serving as everything from a delicious sipping tea to the powerful base for more hearty soups and stews.

Strong Wounds, Stronger Healer

One epiphany helping me deepen my healing abilities was realizing my own wounds. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine training and the small group sessions opened me to this experience.

Breathe Peace

This mantra meditation reminds us to breathe some peace into our lives.