Month: December 2013

Cranberry relish recipe from Food As Medicine

Cranberry Relish

CMBM Food As Medicine faculty member, Jo Cooper, shares her cranberry relish recipe in the Center Blog.

Mindful meditation for medical practitioners

Bringing Mindfulness to Medicine

I learned to meditate over 20 years ago. It opened the doors to a lifelong practice of meditation techniques, including Vipassana and yoga, and spiritual exploration with wonderful teachers.

roasted brussels with maple

Roasted Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Caraway

The Brussels sprouts in this recipe played Lucy to my Charlie. They teased me with their offerings of wellness…

The Healing Circle

At the center of the program are self-care practices that strengthen an individual’s ability to care for themselves, based on the model established by CMBM.

Remembering, Reminding, and Reawakening

With every needle and herb I use, I am remembering, reminding, and reawakening my patients to the wisdom that nature already designed into their bodies. And in this rediscovery, healing happens.