Month: December 2014

James Gordon story about Lu Shi

A Holiday Treat – Empty Your Cup

We want to share with you one of our favorite stories, Empty Your Cup. Dr. Gordon often shares this story at our Mind-Body Medicine Training Programs.

Chard in vegetable garden

Veterans Health Administration Uses Food As Medicine In Their Local Community

This expansion is one of the first times the Veterans Health Administration is working with community resources.

Saybrook University Offers a Master’s Degree in Mind-Body Medicine

Graduates of the master’s degree in Mind-Body Medicine are prepared to practice, teach, consult, and coach in medicine, wellness education and health promotion by working in private or group practices, hospitals, and organizations.

Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine Offers Four PhD Specializations in Mind-Body Medicine

The Graduate School of Mind-Body Medicine now provides four doctoral level specializations, to prepare graduates for careers in healthcare and mental healthcare.

Childbirth Education: Mind-Body Medicine and the Power of a Well Asked Question

My desire is to have them leaving the one-day class understanding the physiological process of labor and birth, yes, and to create an opening that furthers them on their continuum to understand their individual and collective unfoldment of the physiology of the soul, mind, body, and spirit of parenting and partnering.