Apply for a Scholarship

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) offers a limited number of scholarships for our professional training programs. As a non-profit organization, our scholarship budget is limited, but we do our very best to try to help every applicant who wants to attend our training(s). Scholarship awards vary in the amount of support offered based on need and available resources. We strive to award as many scholarships as we are able.

We believe the full range of human perspectives and experiences should be considered in all we do. To this end, we value and commit to addressing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) and its components on all levels of our organization and offerings. This includes who we hire and what we deem an essential commitment to bringing our work to communities. We honor these principles in how we elevate and create leadership opportunities for our staff, faculty, board, and volunteers, and in how we design and offer our various training events and programs.

Eligibility for Scholarship support emphasizes the following categories: communities experiencing population-wide trauma or stress; persons from BIPOC backgrounds; persons working with underserved communities; persons with limited financial resources; persons working with military, veterans, and/or their families; persons working with children in crisis.

If applicable, before you apply for a CMBM scholarship, we encourage you to apply for funding through your institution/organization and/or grant sources, as we are a nonprofit and are unable to guarantee scholarships to all who apply.

Sometimes we have scholarship opportunities for specific locations, populations, or settings – please follow our website for additional details.


Completion of the scholarship application does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.

In case you receive a scholarship, you cannot use the scholarship registration code on top of another discount code. (For example, Early Bird discount)