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Bringing Mindful Healing to Our National Crisis

December 11, 2020

This Friday, at 3PM ET, Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13), a long time CMBM partner, will be joining Dr. Gordon for a discussion about Bringing Mindful Healing to Our National Crisis”.

As the stress of the recent election and the COVID-19 pandemic persists, Congressman Ryan has redoubled his efforts to make mindfulness and integrative approaches to health and wellness accessible to our entire population. On Friday, Congressman Ryan and I will discuss the toll the recent Presidential election and COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the psychological, physical and spiritual health of the American people. We will explore how we can heal our collective trauma with a national program of mindfulness, healthy nutrition, and group and community support. 

Since 2008, Congressman Ryan has been a vocal advocate for mindfulness as a foundation for bipartisan collaboration and thoughtful, compassionate legislation. He has introduced bills to expand access to integrative medicine services in the Department of Veterans Affairs, and to provide relaxation training to elementary school students in the OH-13 district. He was also the catalyst behind the establishment of the House Wellness Center, which offers wellness coaching, seminars, and workshops to House employees, the Congressional Budget Office, the Architect of the Capitol, and the U.S. Capitol Police. 

This webinar is approximately 50 minutes in length, and will be simultaneously broadcast at 3PM ET on Friday, December 11th on YouTube and Facebook. In the latter part of the webinar, they will be answering questions from the audience. 

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