Professional Training Program

Eating Wisely and Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic – and Afterward

April 24, 2020

Click here to watch Dr. Gordon’s Facebook Live question and answer session following the webinar.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought – and will bring – significant disability and death to every country in the world. Understandably, government and private efforts have been directed at protecting populations against infection, and enhancing and developing facilities to provide medical care for those who have been infected.  There is, however, a third dimension to the pandemic: the general health, resistance, and resilience of the people who are at risk. It is this third dimension that The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is working actively to address on an individual-, community-, and population-wide scale.

For now, as part of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s commitment to being of immediate service to our greater community, we are presenting a series of free online workshops that you can access, view, and learn from anywhere in the world. We’re calling it, “Meeting the Coronavirus Challenge: Tools to Heal Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community.

We see this as an essential service; it is an initial way we can help you navigate this trauma-heavy time with self-care techniques that balance your physiology and psychology, serve as antidotes to the fight-or-flight and stress responses, enhance your immunity,  and lighten the emotional load that all of us now carry.  What we share with you will also enhance your capacity to connect with others- even in this time of enforced social distancing.

The fourth free online workshop in our series “Eating Wisely and Well during the Coronavirus Pandemic- and Afterward” will be led by CMBM Founder and Executive Director James S. Gordon, MD.

Trauma and ongoing stress disrupt our digestion as predictably and dangerously as they do our thinking and feeling. And what’s going wrong in our gut can cause further damage to our brain, and this additional damage may, over time, cause more problems for our gut as well as our mind. 

This webinar will provide guidelines for eating well and wisely during the coronavirus pandemic, and afterwards. We’ll discuss how to deal with our urgent need for comfort foods; how we can use a variety of dietary strategies to stay in biological and psychological balance; and which supplements we can easily add to maximize our immunity as well as our psychological well being. For those of you who’d like to look into this subject in depth, there’s a comprehensive chapter on “the trauma healing diet” in The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma. 

Please bring a bite size piece of fruit for the webinar- we’ll be doing an experiment with mindful eating.