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Learning the Lessons Our Collective Trauma Has to Teach: Part II

October 30, 2020

In one week, we Americans will elect our next president. The months of the campaign have been tumultuous and for many of us, a deeply disturbing but vitally important struggle for the soul of our country. Even as we make personal partisan choices, we need to bring ourselves into psychological and physical balance and to regard one another with understanding and compassion. 

While we’re enduring the losses, threats, and deprivations of the pandemic and the disturbance and challenges of political division and a necessary reckoning with racism, we can embrace this time of trauma as a teacher. If we do, it can make us more healthy and whole, wiser and stronger than we’ve ever been, kinder and more committed to creating a world in which we care for ourselves and love one another. 

Please join Dr. Gordon this Friday at 3 PM ET for a conversation about how to recognize, understand, and deal with what we’re experiencing, how we can meet the challenges of this trauma-heavy time, and how we can discover and embrace new, life-affirming ways of thinking, being, and acting. 

This webinar is a time for all of you to ask the questions that the pandemic and our divided and troubled world are making urgent and personal. 

This webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length, and will be simultaneously broadcast at 3PM ET on Friday, October 30 on YouTube and Facebook. Set a reminder to join us for this conversation on YouTube here

Please submit your questions in advance to Lauren Baltimore at

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