Professional Training Program

Mind, Mood and Food – Kripalu

September 13, 2019 @ 12:00 am

Mind, Mood, and Food brings together thought leaders in the medical and integrative-nutrition fields to present research and practical tools for using food to improve mental and emotional well-being. Come discover a new science-based approach that uses nutrition to support optimal brain health and to address personal health challenges—for yourself, your clients, and your family.

Join a team of world-renowned clinicians, nutritionists, mind-body practitioners, and chefs as you explore

  • Nutrition and the brain: cutting-edge science for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders
  • How to repair the traumatized, injured, and aging brain
  • Healing foods to balance mind and mood
  • Digestive wellness for the gut-brain-heart-microbiome
  • Dietary supplements to support brain health and healing
  • Mind-body techniques such as movement, imagery, and mindful eating
  • Self-care practices to reduce stress and improve quality of life

This program also includes experiential learning with mind-body medicine skills, live food demonstrations, and whole-food meals that inspire long-lasting nutritional transformation.

Personally and professionally, this program was fun, thought-provoking, satisfying, and nourishing on so many levels. The presenters were so open and accessible in their delivery of information. I most highly recommend.

Kelly C., MS, occupational therapy

Terrific! The instructors were knowledgeable, accessible, and geared their presentations to the group of students who all came from different backgrounds. I recommend it to anyone in the health and wellness field to help them better understand the present and future of healthcare.

Joan S., certified holistic health coach