Napa Valley Resilience Workshop

November 21, 2019

Free Workshop for Community-Wide Healing and Resiliency-Building

Recent events have taken a toll on us all in Napa County, including the devastation of wildfires, the loss of treasured community members to gun violence, suicide and tragic
accidents, and fears of immigrant family separations.

Unresolved, such traumas and the chronic stress they provoke can profoundly affect not only our personal sense of wellbeing, but the health and security of our whole community.

This is an opportunity to join Napa County community leaders for a workshop that will help you move through and beyond the trauma you may have experienced and make you better able to deal with the challenges that life brings to us all.

Dr. Gordon will invite us to experience a model of self-care and group support that has proven highly effective over the last 30 years in addressing individual and community-wide stress and trauma. It is one that translates easily across cultures and has been warmly received by countries devastated by war—and in U.S. communities that have been facing the challenges of climate-related disasters, school shootings, intergenerational trauma, and most recently those affected by wildfires in Sonoma, Shasta, Trinity and Butte counties.

  • Explore the connection between traumatic events and emotional, physical and social distress and dysfunction
  • Experience the benefits of coming together and sharing in a group
  • Practice evidence based mind-body techniques to heal trauma, relieve stress, and enhance health and well-being
  • Learn about CMBM’s community led model for transforming trauma into an opportunity for individual and community healing
  • Receive a free copy of Dr. Gordon’s groundbreaking new book, The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma