Professional Training Program

Reduce Stress and Build Resilience with Online Mind-Body Skills Groups

July 18, 2019

“Reduce Stress and Build Resilience with Online Mind-Body Skills Groups” presented by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Matt Erb, PT, presents our new online Mind-Body Skills Groups can help build resilience, reduce stress, and overcome the effects of trauma in a format that is accessible and convenient. CMBM’s evidence-based model of group support and self-care has transformed communities, institutions, healthcare professionals and individuals all over the world and Matt will describe how this new way of bringing together small groups will bring the model to even more people.

About This Webinar

Stress is a shared reality in our lives. We are hardwired to navigate stress – to capacitate it and to “regulate” it. However, stress can easily tip the scale to toxic – when it is high, experienced early in life; when it is prolonged over time, or comes fast and hard with a life crisis. We are living in challenging times and are being called to a greater degree of attention to “care” – care for ourselves in our bodies and minds; to care for each other; and for the living environments that we are inseparably embedded in. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine has been teaching a small group model of care that combines all of these ingredients with evidence-based tools and experiences that can be seen as supportive of the development of a more “mature form of coping” with the challenging realities of our lives. This model, through a blend of head and heart together – through a blend of connection and empowerment, also allows us to move beyond the tendency to focus on our struggles, to reveal the many hidden strengths, patterns of resilience, values, joys, and sources of meaning in our lives. For the first time in the 28 year history of the Center’s work, we are offering this experience to those who are unable to access a “live”, local group, bringing people together through the virtual environment of technology. Join us to get a glimpse of this unique opportunity to meet and join up with others from around the country and world in an experience that supports both our individuality and our collective inter-dependence to each other through relationship.

About the Presenter, Matt Erb, PT

Matt Erb, integrative physical therapist, owner of Embody Your Mind, and faculty member for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, has a passion for helping the world understand the science of mind-body medicine, stress, and integrative wellness.

CMBM Faculty Member Matt ErbMatt has worked extensively with persons experiencing acute and chronic health conditions using an integrative (holistic) model of care. He works with all forms of chronic pain, migraines, headache, craniofacial and spinal disorders, dizziness and vertigo (vestibular conditions), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more. Early in his career he saw strong links between stress, emotions, and cognitive patterns and the physical symptoms and diagnoses that his patients were experiencing and saw that his training had inadvertently reinforced a pervasive split between mind and body in healthcare. Since those early years, Matt has studied tirelessly to develop novel ways of breaking down this paradigm and offering patients an experience that sees and treats the whole person – mind and body as one.