Trauma Super Conference

January 29 - February 4, 2024


Course Information

Hosted by Alex Howard, Founder of Therapeutic Coaching and The Optimum Health Clinic in London, the Trauma Super Conference brings together more than 70 of the world’s most respected trauma experts, including Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Peter Levine, Thomas Hubl, Dr. Lindsay Gibson, Britt Frank, Dr. Frank Anderson, and Donna Jackson Nakazawa.

Here are just some of the topics the other panelists will dive into…

  • Healing our collective trauma
  • Understanding and healing relational trauma
  • Somatic methods for trauma integration
  • Breathwork for trauma healing
  • Organizational and group trauma work
  • Handling workplace trauma
  • How evolution and biology factor into trauma
  • Navigating chronic pain and inflammation
  • Attachment and emotional maturity
  • Relational trauma
  • Stress and burnout as a symptom of trauma
  • Navigating the journey of grief
  • The power of functional medicine for healing

In addition to the riveting expert interviews, this event also includes tons of bonus resources like yoga, meditations, and episodes of In Therapy to offer the most comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches out there for healing from trauma in its many forms—ones you can use now to start feeling better right away

That’s more than 70 total hours of life-changing content from some of the greatest minds on the planet, all 100% free of charge!