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Trauma, Violent Extremism and Transformation: Walking the Path from Pain and Rage to Possibility

March 5, 2020

This Friday, Jesse Morton, will join Dr. Jim Gordon at 3 PM ET to explore “Trauma, Violent Extremism and Transformation: Walking the Path from Pain and Rage to Possibility”. 

Almost 20 years ago, Jesse co-founded and became chief propagandist of Revolution Muslim—a New York City-based group that instilled the narrative of Al-Qaeda and Salafi-jihadist ideology into the American ambit.

Eventually Jesse was sentenced to more than eleven years in jail for his role in catalyzing terrorist plots. During his time in prison, he reflected on his past in violent extremism, experienced deep regret, and sought out undercover work in counterterrorism.

After his release, Jesse worked at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. He is now the head of Parallel Networks, an organization combating hate and extremism, and research coordinator for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue’s Against Violent Extremism Network in North America. 

In this Friday’s webinar, they will explore how Jesse became a jihadi and why, and the connection between his own and others’ trauma and violent extremism. Jesse will discuss how he has used the techniques we teach at CMBM to deal with his own trauma, and what he is currently doing to combat violent extremism and white supremacy in the U.S and abroad. 

This webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length, and will be  broadcast LIVE at 3PM ET on Friday, February 5th on YouTube and Facebook. In the latter part of the webinar, we will be answering questions from the audience.

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