Professional Training Program

Exploring Pain: A Mind-Body Approach

May 30, 2018

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine presents a free Mind-Body webinar presented by Matt Erb. About the Webinar

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Faculty Member, Matt Erb, PT presented “Exploring Pain: A Mind-Body Approach” as part of CMBM’s Mind-Body Medicine Webinar Series. In this very special webinar, Matt discussed the nature of the chronic pain epidemic and provided a short overview of current pain science. He focused on understanding the integrative, adaptive, and living systems views of pain, in addition to the roles stress, trauma, emotion, and psychosocial factors play in pain. Matt expressed his considerations of working with individuals with persistent pain using CMBM’s small group model and will correlate the group model with polyvagal theory neuroscience.

About the Presenter, Matt Erb, PT

Matt Erb, integrative physical therapist, owner of Embody Your Mind, and faculty member for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, has a passion for helping the world understand the science of mind-body medicine, stress, and integrative wellness.

CMBM Faculty Member Matt ErbMatt has worked extensively with persons experiencing acute and chronic health conditions using an integrative (holistic) model of care. He works with all forms of chronic pain, migraines, headache, craniofacial and spinal disorders, dizziness and vertigo (vestibular conditions), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more. Early in his career he saw strong links between stress, emotions, and cognitive patterns and the physical symptoms and diagnoses that his patients were experiencing and saw that his training had inadvertently reinforced a pervasive split between mind and body in healthcare. Since those early years, Matt has studied tirelessly to develop novel ways of breaking down this paradigm and offering patients an experience that sees and treats the whole person – mind and body as one.