Professional Training Program

Transforming Our Personal and National Trauma

November 7, 2020

Please join me this Friday at 3 PM ET for a conversation about how the techniques and approaches I’ve been sharing with you over the past several months can, during this troubled time, help lay the biological and psychological foundation for greater understanding, compassion, and love – for ourselves and others.

Over the past few months, we’ve all been required to deal with threats to our lives, painful, even violent , divisions among us, and a level of uncertainty that few of us have known. The as yet unresolved election raises the stakes and the level of anxiety still further. 

Each new day is introducing unsettling challenges to our habits and feelings, our assumptions and expectations, and our customary behavior. Many of us are sleeping poorly and experiencing difficulty focusing and making decisions. We are worrying about our future. Often enough, we question who we are and what, in the strange new world we’re living in, the meaning of our lives might be. 

The combination of fear, uncertainty, and enforced separation is making many of us realize how intimately connected we are and how much we need one another. It can be, as indigenous people have always known, and as the modern psychology of “post-traumatic growth” reminds us, an opportunity to be transformed by the trauma we’re experiencing, to open ourselves to greater meaning, purpose, and love. 

This webinar is a time for all of you to share the feelings and concerns that are coming up for you, the fears that are arising and the discoveries that you’re making. And it’s a time for me to help you to use what I’ve been teaching these last months to deal with the challenges we’re all facing, to be transformed, rather than trampled, by the challenges and threats that we’re facing. 

This webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length, and will be simultaneously broadcast at 3PM ET on Friday, November 6 on YouTube and Facebook.

Discover more about my complete trauma-healing program in The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma.